Cheng Chin Yuen

Thursday, June 29, 2006

All Photos of India are UP!

Hello! I guess it is back to Hello now that I'm home. Just remember that Namaste means 'I respect the God that is in you'.

It has been a while...

1 month without the laptop meant 5 long nights (or 5 early mornings) of sieving through perhaps 3000 photos then editing, publishing and adding some tag lines to them. If those lines do not make much sense, I'm sorry, it was my take on the photo made in approximately 3 seconds. Most of them are personal mental notes about certain memories and emotions I have about the subjects.

I believe that you will enjoy most of these pictures and it is my little way of giving thanks and sharing a fragment of a wonderful time and space we had in the 4 Amazing months in India.

The avalanche of write-ups will come in due time...hopefully before we leave for China. I have decided to publish the whole lot at once so that they will appear above all the photographs. It will be easier for you to locate them. I will eventually embed them in their rightful locations.

In a nutshell, here's what I have to say about India:


Chin Yuen who has IPPT tomorrow.

Monday, June 26, 2006

As long as it works

Shah Jehan Signature Design

Waiting for God


Delhi's Biggest Mosque

In the Red Fort

Like what my ma used to say...

Courtesy of the Jains

Worth your weight in human flesh.

Inside the Bird Hospital

Wide is the gap

Tomb Raider

First you want photo then you want money.

Religious Tolerance

Going Home Soon

Destination Anywhere

One Snap?

Boy in Old Delhi

Bum Furrow

All Matching

Who says India no toilet?

Banana Man

Almost Beef

Signs of Intelligence

Not quite California Fitness

Fuel Efficiency

Memories of Varanasi

Karate Meat

Sunday, June 25, 2006

In the God Business

Marigold Market

where do we start?

make a little space

Service Industry

Sir you want pedicure?

Tools of the trade.

This tree they will not chop.

Who's more fashionable?


Starting small

Pleasant Street Folk

The Ladies Jaundice Queue

The Saint who dispenses the free medicine twice a week.

Lost in the valley without my horses...

Holy Infinitty

Back in Black

We are outnumbered.

Hi Kirk, I'm from Sector 53...

100Rs = S$3.57

Indian Liliput

Do you come in peace?