Cheng Chin Yuen

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The 7 guys that gave me a lift from Solang Valley

Tyrolean Traverse

View from our Larchang GH, Leh

One Hard Problem

The Anything-eater

Entrance Fees

Right Outside Wealth

Vegetarian Reason

New Mountains

Houses in Leh

Blade Walking

Sacred Spot

Thinking Cap

Bullet Shield

Where is that potato?

14 plaits


Flag Storm

Colour Flutter

My brief incarceration...

Glad I'm over here.

Super Old Temple in Leh Palace

The Bear

Full House

Impossible to tell how old.

Fancy Hand Form


Mutter mutter mutter...

Me and My Prayer Wheel

The Teacher getting to his SUV

All Upturned


Consultation Time

Lovers at Mealtime

Morning Prayers

I am so bad, you don't want to see my face.

The Young, Friendly and Unabashed.

Are You Experienced?

Common View

Head Elaborate

Good for Hide and Seek

Thiksey Monastery

Tibetans Rule

Haven't seen roadside workers this old!

Work of Heart

Prayer Hall floor

Good or Evil

Folding a mountain

Main hall, Hemis Monastery

Two faces of the same bill.