Cheng Chin Yuen

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Magnificent Meherangarh in Jodhpur! The most enterprising tourist fort with an excellent audio tour. A must-see especially after 4 nights of fever at 39.6-7!!

How to scale these walls I ask you?

Arty Bombardment

Drooping eves gives the Meherangarh its unique character!

All that glitters IS GOLD.

Kiasi so must Kiasu

Mercedes equivalent

Not stopping at 2

When showing-off is called pride...

The Old City of Jodhpur marked in blue.

The Jain Temple at Ranakpur. Outside a sign says 'Women with mensus not allowed'. The Jains are not supposed to kill anything...that includes ants, pests and bacteria.

28mm not enough!

1444 DIFFERENT pillars make up the Jain Temple here.

At the heart of it all.

The ceiling's inverted spire...

...and its guardians!

Top decor

The endless knot


Rajput women from Rajastan, Big on nose rings and pink bangles. I counted 34 on each arm!

Why don't children worry?

The Grand Kumbalgarh awaits!

Try to get past these bulging battlements. Kumbalgrah was only taken once in its history and the captors only managed to hold it for 2 days. Kumbalgarh is the next most important fort after the enormous Chittogarh. Rulers often retreated here when things got too hairy.

The view ends where the mountains meet the mist. Kumbalgarh is 1100m high.

The Great Wall of India that goes 36km around Kumbalgarh!

Where self defence meets water conservation.

Waiting for the monsoon!

Dusk from a rooftop restaurant!

One elephant came out to play...

We got haggled by them BIG time after taking this shot.

The Rajputs, characterised by huge turbans, earrings, thick moustaches, hairy ears, lungis and alladin shoes!