Cheng Chin Yuen

Monday, February 27, 2006

Like a Battle scene from LOTR

Flag Blizzard

Peak Peep

No words for one like this...

Out on a spider's web one day...

Whisky, the



Monk Snack

At a monastery in Taungu

Problem with the Shell?

Different Rooftops

The Mountain Guitarist

Small and Insignificant

Best Horn Up!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Taungu Valley

Durma and mum

So close yet so far...

Lovers on the log

According to our friends, just like Austria!

Morning Tea...communal style


Morning Offerings

To fetch a pail of water

Trees of green and cheeks of red!

Standing at the toes of giants.


The 7 sisters waterfall

Country Bumkins

Eco friendly

Colours of the wind

Different materials

Eh today I carried a cow you know...

The Little Girl and the bun

Lady in Red

The Breadman with good Karma


Steamed pork and chicken momos

Me and my primary school classmate

The Power of One

I wanna be just like him!

Paneer or Goats Cheese

The Street Colours of Gangtok


The Hound

One lucky orphan.

The Kachang Puteh Man

Fancy Footwork

A 'meal system' here means all you can eat! 12 items on the plate.

Seems like every boy here goes through this stage in life!