Cheng Chin Yuen

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ni Hao!

All the Beijing pics are finally up, so scroll down and have a peep. We are now in Hangzhou and they are selling Ferarris, Porches and Maseratis opposite our youth hostel. Tomorrow we have a quick look at Xi Hu and the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts before heading off to HuangShan.

After Beijing, we took the overnight train to Nanjing to find the Massacre Museum closed for renovation so bitterly disappointed, we headed off to Suzhou on the same day on the express train. Suzhou's famed gardens aren't out of this world. Our Botanic Gardens is much nicer.

Tong Li was next and the old houses, people and venice-like canals are absolutely charming. Not too touristy.

See you in 13 days or so.

Chin Yuen


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