Cheng Chin Yuen

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hello Everyone!

All the pictures, even those taken today, are below! The connection here is affordable and superb! Thanks for the well wishes and kind praises for the photography. Be patient and wait for the words to catch up. It's always easiler to press the shutter.

My little write up for Gwalior is somewhere below and Agra will be up in a day or two.

The good people of Udaipur have been really nice to us but its time to move on for yet another fort on the hill tomorrow. It's Kumbalgarh's turn this time and at 1100m, I certainly hope it would be cooler.

Biggest CONGRATS to all my wonderful ex-colleagues who have had new additions to their lives! Cheers to Woei Ling, Veron, Han Liat and your partners! Endure the crying and sleepless nights for now eh?

Chin Yuen


Blogger sharon said...

Can you help me. I am tryng to find my mother she is in the Samanvay Ashram in Bodhgaya (Bihar, India). I live in Miami, Florida (USA). Since you have recently visited there I was wondering if you happen to have the ashram's address, or do you know wether they have a zip code there. Thank you. Sharon

11:36 AM  

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