Cheng Chin Yuen

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Old Lady at Work: The old don't stop working in the rural areas in Myanmar. In this shot, you can't really see her face but her white hair that lighting reveals tells the story. The earthern ground and the background also hints that this quiet place is in the more remote villages.

Pink Cirrus: We were returning to our guesthouse in Nyaungshwe from The Jumping Cat Monastery when I just happened to turn around in the boat. The Pink Candy Floss sky was a treat! On a small boat it is so natural to limit your field of vision only to the front and sides.

Sky Art

Mission Impossible for Fluffy: One of the many acrocats here. The monk would scatter some cat food on the ground, stroke his hoop from the cat's chest to their chin and raise it to about a metre above the ground. The cat would then take its aim and leap through. I don't think Veron's Tubs will make it through.


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