Cheng Chin Yuen

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Old cat still can jump! This guy's so old that he had some skin peeling from his chin. He is in the classic contented-with-paws-tucked-in position. Cats are supposed to show affection by squinting at you like this bugger is doing and you could reciprocate by doing likewise.

Retrospecs: As the junior monk gets the cats to jump, Mr Bino reads his magazine at the back. I like the lighting as much as his spectacles in this photo.

Evening enters the Jumping Cat Monastery. This monastery which sits in the middle of the lake is made famous by its jumping cats. Anyone who has a pet cat would know that to train a cat to do anything is in itself a feat. The more significant attraction here are the many intricately carved wooden Buddhas in the main hall. Ironically, the wooden pedestals they sit on are as or even more intricate.

Metallic Water: Our boatman awaits us on a watery mirror. The calm waters are sheltered by a maze of vegetation and floating farms. Water hyacinth proliferates along these channels and other water vegetation are bundled together to form floating platforms for agriculture.

Myanmese style Hydroponics

Girls earn 500 kyat a day making cheroots. Again, the men are lounging outside watching the boats go by. The lady boss here kindly took us throught the whole cheroot making process even though we didn't buy anything. She even asked Karen if she needed toilet paper when she went to the loo.


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