Cheng Chin Yuen

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Karen at the Women's Club: Check out Miss Rupunzel no. 184 on her left. The lady in the foreground offered us the snack she was cooking. It was a hot floury vegetable nugget which burnt Karen's fingers and ended up on the floor. This sent everyone laughing before she gave us a second cooler sample. The men's club was just 1 minute away. They were as usual gambling.

Funny Guardian: This guy looks so peaceable.

Toying with Saturation

Right place, Right time: This was taken in the evening at the end of our cycling trip to Kaung Daing. He was taking a bath from the end of his boat. Boats are critical in so many activities in the Inle area.

For sadists only. There was another sign that read: 'Eat once, Never forget'


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