Cheng Chin Yuen

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Return to Innocence

I was on the MRT two days ago and at one stop a young mother with her two daughters entered the carriage. Mummy dearest was talking angrily (and very loudly) on her phone throughout the 15 minute ride, totally ignoring her two daughters who somehow knew better than to interrupt their mother. When the long phone conversation finally ended, the younger daughter in all her innocence asked a little too loudly,

'Mummy, ni(3) zhem(3) me(4) zhi(1) dao(4) Daddy you(3) nu(3) peng(2) you(3)?'


Mummy responded, 'bu(2) yao(4) zai(4) suo(1), bu(4) ran(2) wo(3) qiao(1) ni(3) de(4) tou(1)!'