Cheng Chin Yuen

Friday, November 04, 2005


We have signed up for a 5 day thai massage course here in Chiang Mai! Going back to becoming a student on monday. 9 to 4 for 5 straight days. Do you think I'll make it? The course is runned by a Thai-American couple who seem to know what they are doing. We went in for a lesson observation yesterday and took the bait. The 2 week course is shelved as it only starts on the 14th. Meanwhile, its just a lot of walking around town.

The Chiang Mai today doesn't match my memories at all. It's a bustling city with her fair share of shopping arcades and tons of tourists. Fortunately all these large scale developments take place outside the moat surrounding the city center. Inside, its quite nice but not quite quiet.

We are putting up at Mr Whisky for B$150 a night and eating on the streets and little restaurants for about B$20 (80 cents) a meal. Internet here is as low as B$10 an hour! Fast and reliable too!

Chiang Mai's tourism seem to revolve around elephant treks, mountain-biking, hill tribe visits, whitewater rafting, trekking, temple tours and rock-climbing. We may go rafting over the next weekend. The rest aside from the climbing doesn't really appeal to us after what we have seen in Malaysia and Laos. For the climbers back in NUS, perhaps you can check out the crags here. Only an hour away and the photos are spectacular. There are 2 climbing shops here and guidebooks are available for about B$800. Climbaisa's guide on Malaysia is found on the shelves here! Read a notice about a Swiss guy's first recent ascent of a 8a+/8b route here. There is this place called Crazy Horse which I may check out. Chin Seng, tempted?


Chin Yuen

Better cook


Anyone know what this is?

The Jack of all fruits

Lottery vendor with a headache

5 Bhat or 20 cents

Hmmmm...something's not quite right

Pork satay revisited. 10 sticks 20 Bhat!

Some kind of mirror. In the back, uncle is singing 'I started a joke'.

Big Sparkler

Toying with saturation.

Fruit juice anyone? Spoilt for choice!

Cheap food by the streets

That's my future occupation after the course!

Believe it or not, these are soap carvings!

Marley in the making...

Talent in Chiang Mai's Night Bazaar

Temple dog

Littlle Lao Food Summary

Room Notice in Chiang Rai's Lotus GH

Literally GRUB!

cosy dining

Doing post-dinner tasks

Village bathing time!

Smoke? You shall not...

View from the boatman's house.

All rained out.

Big difference between the Cast and the Catch.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hello Everyone!

We have left Laos and are now in Chiang Rai enroute to Chiang Mai where we are contemplating meditation (Karen) and thai massage courses (Me). Nice to be in the land of a thousand smiles again.

Laos has been really nice but we have had an overdose of ulu experience.

Pictures of Luang Prabang, Nong Khiew, Meuang Ngoi, Luang Nam Tha and the 2 day totally rained out boat ride to Huay Xai are up and the relevant write ups will be inserted in due time.

Wishing everyone all the best!

To my Ah-mah, happy birthday in a little advance! Will miss all the good food back home!

Chin Yuen

Small Roll

Evening River Scene

River Cowboys

Best way to see Nam Tha


for LSP...when is my bike coming?


Mama shop

Household items

Rickety Bridge

I dun want to wash no more!

Thai Dum village


Guess again

Nam Dee village

Head problem?

ok wise guy

Doesn't taste good?

Pork Chop Gathering


Sexy Stockings