Cheng Chin Yuen

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hello Everyone!

We have left Laos and are now in Chiang Rai enroute to Chiang Mai where we are contemplating meditation (Karen) and thai massage courses (Me). Nice to be in the land of a thousand smiles again.

Laos has been really nice but we have had an overdose of ulu experience.

Pictures of Luang Prabang, Nong Khiew, Meuang Ngoi, Luang Nam Tha and the 2 day totally rained out boat ride to Huay Xai are up and the relevant write ups will be inserted in due time.

Wishing everyone all the best!

To my Ah-mah, happy birthday in a little advance! Will miss all the good food back home!

Chin Yuen


Anonymous Chris Heng said...

Just tot' I let you know that your DAD Hwang Leng has been very proud of your venture... Now the whole Maritime Community is going to pop into your Blogg...

Just for that... if you are going by the sea... be sure to look up anything that floats or sticks out or into the water and how people just manage in water... or earn a living from the sea or rivers...

Your pic's are great... you should keep it up...

\Chris Heng

12:26 PM  

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