Cheng Chin Yuen

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Sorry for the delay in updates! Big apologies to the 5 self-proclaimed gorgeous queens! The Laotian slowdown got into me quite a bit. I have been spending more time reading. Just finished Pratchett's Small Gods, a truly refreshing read! I think it's good for the religiously inclined.

We are five days into Luang Prabang. The ex-capital of Laos. It's really fantastic here. The people and food are excellent! The small quaint streets are filled with unexpected wonders and the 66 Wats here will offer you something unusual. I spent quite a bit of time wandering into the monk's quarters, kichen, study area, prayer interesting...maybe I'll become one... Nah...the greens a little too much.

Lao is cheap. US$2.50 for a room and a vegetarian meal is 80 cents! Good meals with meat are about $2. We were lucky enough to arrive in Luang Prabang on the night of the BOP(see later entry) celebrations and there was a huge float procession down the main street. Not quite our Chingay floats but floats that will actually survive the journey down the Mekong River! It was also a competition so the locals take the decor and the spicing up very seiously! There were traditional garb, fireblowing, sparklers, mini fireworks, dancing, music, lights, candles even the local 'bapok' was paraded and he or she did put put a good traditional dance! Big party it was much bigger than Vang Vieng's!

Tomorrow is waterfall and small village day.

The day after...I don't really know where we will be. That's kind of travel plan we like.

Cheers and see you soon!

Chin Yuen


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