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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mabul and Sipadan

Tomorrow we leave Semporna for the island of Mabul, where we will be staying in a long house. We evolve once again into beach bums and will do a fair bit of snorkelling at the world famous dive site - Pulau Sipadan the day after. Sipadan is technically a pinnacle rising 600m from the sea bed. The steep drop at the edge of the island where marine life abound sounds enticing. If we like the snorkelling, we may take up a 3 day diving course. Sounds good eh? Till the next spot of internet connection, see ya!


Anonymous yixin said...

Hi Mr Cheng!!

I'd like to use some of your photos here to be 'part' of my church's prayer booklet cuz we're looking for photos or drawings to be printed in the booklet. =) Please let me know if you are ok with it!! ^_^ Thanks again! I will let you know what photos I will use too. (That is if you allow lar.. =p) Rest assured I'll make sure ur name appears somewhere in our booklet. Email me when you've read this comment! Thank you!

11:13 AM  
Blogger climbabe said...

Hi Cher!!

I've finally had more than 'five-to-spare".. It was great and nice reading all your stories and dreaming as i gazed enviously into your pictures.
"cOngrats! Wat a fist! Up at 4k+ feet" Ooh... Send my regards to Karen..


2:59 PM  

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