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Saturday, September 17, 2005

For Sharon who is always on the lookout for symmetry. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Sharon Lee said...

Hi Brother,

Very interesting picture on Four Leaves for symmetry. Things in nature usually turn up in twos, threes, fives, eights, thirteens ... according to the Fibonacci sequence. Rare to have that 4 leaves perpendicularly spaced apart.

Just had a mid-autumn festival gathering at Yen Fei's house and ... Yen Fei wasn't around. Having a party and the host is away. Doesn't it sound interesting already? Anyway, she went to watch Snow, Wolf, Lake - a musical by Jacky Cheung.

Had a great time. Anita is a good cook. Lots of screaming children on the roof-top ... with compliments from Stephanie, Edwin, Jennie, Anita and Nelson. Nelson's boy was the latern destroyer who went around crushing lanterns belonging to other children and he managed to set one on fire. Uncle Razak was the favourite uncle for the night. He burnt his fingers while helping all the children to light up/repair their lanterns - a great challenge posed by the prevailing night breeze and eight screaming kids.

Dear auntie Sharon became the pomelo auntie who had to peel pomelo for 8 screaming kids. Demand was more than supply. How's that for Econs? I am absolutely exhausted.

Thanks for the picture. Will use it one day for maths lessons.

Till the next update,

12:58 AM  

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